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Single Origin Coffee

Grown, cultivated and packed in Cuba

We have a selection of organic Cuban coffee beans from the most famous coffee brands of Cuba including Serrano, Turquino Montanes, Cubita, Montecristo Leyenda and Cohiba Atmosphere. So don’t wait! Taste our great Cuban coffee. We are sure you will love it.

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Fast delivery, and great product, tastes amazing with my tea and coffee, I thoroughly enjoyed it thank you soo much Nutein!

Julia Trussel

Fast delivery, coffee very good

Jason Jones

Sweet without being overbearing, filling snack.

Leo Barret
Here is a bit of history!

Why Cuban coffee is so exclusive?

The first coffee plantation in Cuba was born in the area of Havana in the 1750’s. Sugar Cane was a booming industry at this time. Then, by the end of the 18th century, there was a successful slave revolt in Haiti and many Frenchmen fled the island, some of them looking for a new place to grow their coffee beans. The task wasn’t easy. They needed three necessary conditions to grow their coffee; a tropical climate, rich soil and mountains. In fact, coffee plantations are at high altitude. Cuba proved to be ideal in satisfying these conditions and it was also close to Haiti. So they arrived in the Oriente (eastern part) of Cuba and with their know how in coffee cultivation, started coffee plantations in the Sierra Maestra mountains slopes north of Cuba’s second largest city, Santiago de Cuba.

Nowadays, Cuban coffee is pretty much cultivated the same way. Under the lush vegetation of the mountains, the coffee plants, mainly Arabica beans of the Typica variety, are grown in a perfect environment, with no chemical fertilisers, shade grown to protect the biodiversity and handpicked. This is why Cuban coffee is so exclusive.

Most coffee beans in Cuba are medium to dark roasted. It’s how they like it. And so do we!

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