Nut Snacks that gives you a daily dose of nutrition
and Energy.

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Flavoured Cashews snack bites

Chosen from the best natural nut snacks full of nutrients and suitable for everyone. 

At Nutein®, it’s our mission to source and deliver high-quality nut snacks and coffee to health conscious customers across United Kingdom and Worldwide; to use our global supply chain to source the finest nut snacks and coffees and bring increased choices to our customers; and to offer our customers superior service.

Our decades of experience in nuts and coffee have also shown us the roles we can play in helping to ensure a healthy future for specialty coffee. So it’s also our mission to seek out, build, support and foster sustainable relationships with our suppliers, our customers, our communities and the environment.

Nuts & Fruits That Gives Energy

We prepared this for you with single origin natural nuts and fruits, for a sweet kick to awaken your taste buds and encourage you to have more nutrients & vitamins daily. We made our vegan snack range free from dairy as well as Gluten.

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Nuts & Fruits Energy Snack Bites

Nutein® Energy Bites are made as a nut snacks to suite your busy lifestyle. Packed with nutrition & vitamins, perfect to have as a treat or right after a workout. Just like our other snacks the energy bites are vegan friendly, free from palm oil, dairy and Gluten. 

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Convenient Burst of Energy

Grounded coffee or whole beans packed with caffeine and vitamins makes a perfect toping for your morning start with your favourite breakfast. Our speciality coffee are single origin and authentic.

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“Remember. When your body is hungry, it wants Nutrients, not calories.”